Responsible travel

Are you a Responsible traveler?

The term responsible travel has become increasingly popular in both commercial arena and travel community recently. A pretty ordinary term but if taken in right spirit, canĀ help a lot to reduce the negative impact on our environment, economy as well as society in the long run. Eco-tourism – a similar but more broader term promotes […]

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Top 5 Street food of India

Street foods are basically ready-to-eat food and drink which are generally sold in the public areas and streets like in markets, by vendors with portable stalls, in fairs by hawkers etc. Indian streets are well popular for its tasty and cheap street food items. Every city in India has its own specialty of the all-time […]

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8 Unexplored places in and around Pune

Struggling to find a place in or around Pune for your next weekend-gateway. No worries. We have tried to curate a list which are less touristy and not that famous but worth your visit. Read our list below and don’t waste a time in planing your next tour with your gang. Wai-Bollywood Shootings A Wai […]

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