Responsible travel

Are you a Responsible traveler?

The term responsible travel has become increasingly popular in both commercial arena and travel community recently. A pretty ordinary term but if taken in right spirit, can help a lot to reduce the negative impact on our environment, economy as well as society in the long run. Eco-tourism – a similar but more broader term promotes and emphasize on the understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.

Many Tourism authorities & Operators jumped to the so called ‘Green’ bandwagon quickly but seldom they understand the importance of such terms.That said, there exist businesses who are genuinely committed to low impact tourism. Building the infrastructure which is sustainable and less harmful to the environment and nature helps but equally important is the awareness among the travelers about being responsible and making some conscious effort towards it:

Eight Steps for more Ethical Holiday , You can try to follow:

  1. Travel overland rather than by air whenever possible.

  2. Stay longer in one place.

  3. Cycle Rickshaws may be slower than auto-rickshaws and taxis, but they are far greener, and provide livelihood for some of the local people.

  4. Reduce the impact of flying to your destination by offsetting your carbon emissions. visit climatecare to measure and offset your carbon emissions.

  5. Purify your own water rather than buy it in a plastic bottle.

  6. Dispose of all waste responsibly ; outside the metropolitan cities it will probably be burnt after you have left, releasing harmful toxins.

  7. Patronize small scale, family-run, locally owned businesses rather than large scale ones whose profits do not benefit the host community.

  8. In coastal resorts, keep your water use to a minimum – dry- season shortages occur when visitors guzzle the annual supply in a few months over the winter.

So are you the responsible traveler? And if not, would you like to be one? Share your views by commenting below.

Touritor, company based locally in India, is  promoting responsible travel by providing  the tours from certified tour guides in India and thereby making sure that tourism money goes to the local community. Read more about-us here.



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