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The place where I am based i.e Aurangabad in the state of Maharashra , is home of the two earliest world heritage monuments in India - Ajanta & Ellora. I love to share my wonderment of the intricacy , architecture, philosophy and mythology underlying these places.

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Why Aurangabad Guided Tour With Us?

Aurangabad is a city in Maharashtra, India, named after the famous Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Maharashtra. Our Tourist Guide in Aurangabad have excellent knowledge about this place and carry a professional tour guide license, certified from the ministry of tourism, India. Travelling to Aurangabad is a must if you are a history lover. People get to explore the caves, forts, Mughal Architecture and traces of Buddhism. Best Part of Aurangabad is, it’s conveniently accessible from Major metros like Mumbai and Pune.

A tourist from all over the world come to experience the tranquility of Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Ajanta & Ellora Caves tours present the exploration of Deccan Heritage. Some of our tour guides in Aurangabad are well versed with the Buddhist culture and can help tourists to learn more about its heritage, history and culture.
With Ajanta and Ellora Caves Tour, you will discover the intriguing heritage of India that showcases some of the great craftsmanship and majestic work behind these rock-cut caves. Ajanta and Ellora Caves tours should be number one in the tourist’s itinerary while visiting Maharashtra, as it also holds the UNESCO World Heritage Status for some reason.

Aurangabad is also famous as the ‘city of gates’, it had 52 gates not a very long time ago. These gates served as points of revenue collection while entering the town and were also used for surveillance purpose. Out of 52, only 19/20 survive today while few of them in a very dilapidated condition. When you are with our Tourist Guide in Aurangabad you will surely get more insights about these gates. Some of the famous one includes Makai Gate, Bhadkal Gate & Paithan Gate.

In its guided tour, our Aurangabad Tourist guide will also take you to another notable monument i.e. ‘Bibi ka Maqbara’, also called as Taj of Deccan. ‘Bibi ka Maqbara’ is a mausoleum built in the memory of Aurangzeb’s wife. Many tourists coming to Aurangabad appreciates the structure because it almost looks like Taj Mahal but smaller in size. Another must see the attraction for tourists in Aurangabad is Panchakki – a structure that gets its name from a watermill that grinded flour using water power. This monument showcases the scientific thought process put in medieval Indian architecture.

Many tourists also love to visit another famous attraction in Aurangabad i.e, great Daulatabad fort, originally the fortress of Deogiri. Our tourist guide arranges guided tours to Daulatabad fort, which stands on a conical hill where tourist can have a full 360-degree view of Daulatabad. Good place for photography. Tourists can also opt for trekking to visit the Daulatabad Fort.