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Top 9 Adventure Sports Destination in India : You Gotta Feel The Thrill

Would you like to pump-up your adrenaline a bit and ready to experience the sudden burst of energy, best drug – Adventure Sports. Travelers from all over the world visit India to experience its diverse culture, scenic beauty, architectural marvels, temples etc. But now, India is fast becoming a hub for adventure sports as well.So get excited and by the time this blog gets over, figure out that one adventure sport you will going to try in near future.

Let’s feel the thrill:

1. Scuba diving (Near an active volcano) – Andaman and Nicobar islands

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Scuba diving at an active volcano? Sounds insane. Barren island near Andaman and Nicobar islands is the place where every scuba lover dreams to dive. Dive into crystal clear pristine water and savor the view of coral gardens and fascinating basalt formations that’ll stay in your memory for the longest time.

2. White Water Rafting- Kolad, Maharashtra

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Steering through the unbridled water and passing through precarious rapids, a rafter who is an adventurer at heart realizes what adrenaline rush actually is! The Kundalika river is perfect for white river rafting in Western India. It’s a small river flowing from the Hills of Sahyadri to the Arabian sea. Precisely for this, Kolad near Pune has become a popular spot for adventurers to gather over the weekends as it is merely 140kms from Mumbai and 110kms from Pune. Monsoon is the perfect time to go  for rafting in Kundalika.

3. Heli Skiing – Kullu -Manali

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Heli Skiing is not everybody’s sport since it requires a hell lot of courage. After all, getting dropped by a helicopter at an altitude of 6500 metres is not an easy thing to do! Kullu-Manali is the most popular destination for Heli-skiing. Travelling down the steep slopes amidst snow-clad mountains gives you that much desired high and thrill! Rohtang-pass is the most popular skiing slope in the Manali region.

4. Caving – Meghalaya

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Have you ever imagined yourself exploring the darkness of the mountain caves or crawling through tight spaces only to reach at an unknown destination? If this is the kind of adventure you are looking forward to, try caving in Meghalaya. Nestled among the waterfalls and green forests, these caves will definitely enthral you.

5. Snorkeling – Lakshwadeep

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Swimming alongside countless schools of vibrant fishes, peeping under the corals hoping to find a rare marine animal, enjoying the heavy silence as you paddle through azure waters with only the sound of your breath to keep you company – yes, that’s what snorkelling is all about. Lakshwadeep is less frequented as a tourist destination and that is probably the best thing about the place. The reefs around the islands are untouched and unspoilt by the human interference and the azure waters are bustling with some of the most diverse sea life.

6. Cliff Jumping – Rishikesh

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For the most aggressive adrenaline rush, try jumping from a cliff in Rishikesh. Basically it’s plunging from high enough cliffs into a body of water below. Care has to be taken that there are no underwater rocks or features present that could be fatal and that the water body is of sufficient depth. Rishikesh is the prefect place with prefect conditions for this sport in India. Therefore this place is thronged by adventure buffs all through the year. It is definitely a jaw-dropping activity that gives immense pleasure.

7. Kite surfing – GoaIndia Tours

Want to fly with the wind? Try Kite surfing at least once before you die. Goa has many beautiful beaches which are often crowded with tourist activities so for some quieter kite spots the extreme north of coastal Goa has beaches which are well tuned for the sport with a few kite schools and a surf shop as well. Mondego Bay is a very nice location at Morjim beach which is good for land kiting as well.

8. Flyboarding – Goa

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Goa is the ultimate destination for water adventure sports in India. But water sports have taken a huge leap here with launch of internationally popular ‘Flyboarding’. Learning to ride the flyboard is a daunting task; however with practice one is able to perform diving, precision flying, flying underwater and aerobatics like spins, back flips, twists and dolphin swimming. But you should definitely try your hand at this newly introduced water sport whenever you will be in Goa .

9. Rock climbing – Himachal Pradesh

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This is the best place for rock climbing with unmatched climbing opportunities. With bold terrain, Manali in Himachal Pradesh offers remarkable rock climbing extravaganza. Manali and Dharamshala are the famous rock climbing destinations in Himachal while Gangotri in Uttrakhand is very popular. Some of the best mountaineering institutes are located here which provides great guidance and help to the tourists. The best times to visit Himalayas are autumns and summers.

So, Which one you will go for ? Do let us know by commenting below and if you think you need company too then don’t shy away from sharing with friends, they need a spark too!
– Touritor Team

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