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In India, Tour Guide is also referred as Cultural Ambassador of the nation.  If any traveller wishes to experience the city in true sense then he tries to understand everything he could possible know, its historical importance, its culture & Values, lifestyle and contemporary status. And who could be the better person than cultural ambassadors himself i.e.  “Tour Guide” who are professionally skilled and have required knowledge to provide the memorable tour experience in great story telling ways.

The question we will love to answer.

Touritor is based out of India and have very close relationship with each of the tour guide and will be in a better position than its counterparts to review and conduct the background checks efficiently so when we say you get the Verified Tour Guide, we mean it.

Our primary objective is to provide ‘only’ Certified Tour Guide and not to offer any Tour packages by any travel agents or just locals under the wraps. The intention is very clear that we would like you to experience the City and have a feel of it by experts. Selling Tour packages would take away the focus away from this. It feels good to say that there is no company/website currently exist who provides ‘only’ certified tour guides.

Our Cancellation Policy is customer friendly and your initial deposit would also be refunded if cancellations are done 15 days prior to Tour commences. You will surprise to know that no one currently offers this flexibility. Please read our Cancellation Policy here.

When you book with Touritor, indirectly you are also contributing towards Social work as Touritor promises to give some part of its profit earned from company to NGOs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this.

No. We understand it’s quite irritating when you click on ‘Book Now’ and it asks for mandatory registration. So we have got away with it. We have kept the option open for you. It’s your choice to either use ‘Guest check out’ or ‘Sign In’.  Having registered with Touritor has its own advantage though.

Just three steps all you need!!

Step 1: Search for your destination

Step-2: Browse through multiple profiles of Tour Guide

Step-3: Select tours by respective tour guide and Book Online by just paying deposit of 20% of the total tour price.

You can see the availability of each of the tour guide on their respective  tour page.

Not at the moment. Actually we will love to but the focus is on India now.

No, you don’t have to pay a penny as booking fee. Whatever 20% deposit is paid initially will be count towards the total Tour price.

Yes, you could choose the pay using USD, EUR or GBP. If you want to pay in INR please contact Touritor Support on support@touritor.com and will generate the invoice as our payment system currently does not support INR.

After you pay the booking amount (20% of total tour price), your booking will be confirmed within 12 -24 hours. In extreme situation if it’s not, your booking amount will be fully refunded. You could also opt to book different tour guide or re-schedule your tour for some other date.

Yes, as soon as you complete your booking, your invoice will be generated. If you are already registered, you could view your invoice any time after logging into Touritor website under My Booking section.

We invest a lot into ensuring both parties are protected from fraud and illicit behaviors. Touritor uses the internationally recognized and secure PayPal system to process all its transactions.

There will not be any such scenarios as Tour Guide abides by the terms& condition laid down by Touritor which suggest that traveler will pay the balance due amount once the tour is complete.

You could highlight to Touritor Support in case you come across any such request.

The deposit is refundable if:

a) The tour guide fails to show up for your arranged tour.

b) The tour guide rejects your booking due to any emergency.

c) Cancellations are done 15 days prior to Tour commences less transaction charges less amount already spent by Tour guide from his pocket for the purchase of monument’s entry ticket, transport, etc.

No, you don’t have to. You could choose to pay using your credit card using the PayPal payment      gateway even if you don’t hold any account with PayPal.

No, there will absolutely be no charges to be paid to Touritor. The due balance amount should be paid to Tour Guide directly on the completion of Tour.

No problem at all. Please get in touch with us by sending mail to Support@touritor.com and highlight the reason why the rates does not look fair and we would happily try to negotiate with our Tour Guide.

If it’s India, then we must be working towards getting the Licensed Tour guide on board and no harm in checking with us directly, we might have got someone already though their profile is not yet published.

To cancel or amend your booking, please drop a mail to us on booking@touritor.com with your Booking Reference No.  in the subject line and will get back to you as swiftly as possible.

Touritor understand that in certain situation, traveler might need to change or cancel their Tour. In such situation, only thing Touritor expect is to get notified as soon as possible so that booked Tour guide could be asked to free his availability for other potential traveler without any loss to his wages.

For Refunds, please check heading ‘3’ in our Terms & Conditions’ section  on  Policies.


If you are really interested in particular Tour Guide and could not find him available, then please write to us once on booking@touritor.com and we will check with Tour guide directly for any possibility.

Mostly Yes. Generally, Tour guide conduct any tour with minimum no. of tourist for that particular tour and if your group does not fulfill this then tour guide might include few more tourist interested in the same tour but this will not be compromised with the schedule and quality of the Tour. However, if you want to make sure your tour is private please inform your tour guide in advance about this after the booking and it should be taken care by. Alternatively, please feel free to write to Touritor Support in case of any conflict.

Yes, you can. Once your booking is confirmed by us, we will share the personal email and Contact number of the tour guide to ask any tour related queries.

To ensure both parties are protected, provide you with utmost customer service and adhere to our Terms & Conditions, we request all communications prior to booking to be made via Touritor.

For the privacy and safety of both our tour guides and our traveling customers, all contact information (including address, phone number and email) is released after the confirmation of the booking. Prior to booking, you can contact the Touritor directly with your queries.

No need to worry here , during no –turn up from Tour Guide for any emergency reasons, Touritor will refund the 20% deposit amount to traveler. Alternatively, you have the option to choose another Tour guide or reschedule of your tour if feasible .Please contact Touritor as required to work out this.

One of the value which Touritor believe and stress on is Punctuality and it is laid down in our ‘Code of Conduct Policy’ for Tour Guide and all the Tour Guide are bound to adhere to this . But there might be situation due to which there is unavoidable delay, in such scenario travelers are advised to wait for 30 minutes and if still Tour guide does not turn up then please contact Touritor to figure out what’s going on?

During Booking, please mention the details of your hotel or share address where you would like to meet Tour Guide and after booking is confirmed, your tour guide will receive these details.

Please note the ‘meeting address’ you provide during booking should be under city limits and not in the suburbs or faraway place. In India sometimes the airport is outside main city so better to provide your hotel address or co-ordinate with tour guide over email once the booking is confirmed.

It’s entirely your choice but you are not compelled to do so.

Please keep Touritor email id i.e. booking@touritor.com (in cc) when writing to Tour guide for any queries. This will help us to follow up with Tour guide in case of no reply from Tour Guide. And it’s something very urgent then please contact Touritor over phone directly.

Touritor accepts all major credit cards and Pay-Pal.

Please read our cancellation/Refund policy (Heading ‘3’)on Terms & Conditions section under Policies.

Please share the error message or problem you are facing over e-mail i.e booking@touritor.com and will get back to you as swiftly as we could. If its urgent , please feel free to call us.

The balance amount due will be paid directly to Tour Guide in cash once the tour is complete. Traveler and Tourist Guide could mutually decide if balance should be paid in USD or INR. If it has to be in INR then balance due amount in USD should be converted to INR as per the exchange rate on the day of tour completion. Otherwise the currency and amount outlined on the confirmation of booking is the legal amount due.

Note that once you book a tour, the price is fixed, even if exchange rates change between the time you book and the time you take your tour.

Touritor encourage traveler to purchase travel insurance. This will not only make your travel secure but also gives a peace of mind. Please read here to know more why Travel Insurance is necessary .

You could also ask us for any Safety tips , Do’s and Don’ts for the destination you are planning to visit and we will be more than happy to assist.

If any of such cases, you could speak out to Tour Guide directly and raise your concerns. You have every right to stop the tour at any time at your will.And feel free to call us on our Support contact number.

It’s very nominal and goes by the saying we use “If you like it , pay us , If not forget the payment and we will promise to do better next time”. Please read more about this here.

That’s should be no problem. Please send us a mail with your itinerary and we will check with Tour Guide if that could be achievable. Once Tour Guide agrees to it , you could progress with your booking.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to know about latest offers, promotion details or Company update. You could also become a member of Touritor to receive some of the exclusive deals.

Please check your bank account , if money is already debited then please share a transaction id or any unique reference number for transaction along with the booking details over mail to us and we will let you if this has been credited to Touritor or not.Please read all our Terms and conditions carefully.

You could become a member of Touritor to see your previous bookings and make a faster checkout. You could subscribe to newsletter to know about latest offers, promotion details or Company update. You will also be notified about latest  travel blog published regularly  by Touritor community  though our newsletter.One other important aspect is to provide the review and ratings to tour guides and their tours once the tour is completed.

Please write to us at Support@touritor.com to report about this.

Please write to us at booking@touritor.com and we will be happy to  suggest the alternatives.

Once your tour is completed , login to your Touritor account , go to ‘My Booking’ menu tab and provide your ratings and reviews for tour guide and tours against the respective tour.

Yes, Indeed. Only the genuine customer can post their reviews on Touritor against their ‘Booking Reference No.’ once the tour is completed

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