5 Temples In India Where Only Women are Allowed

Attukal Temple, Kerala:


It is a renowned temple in Kerala where Women are worshipped. The temple hosts Attukal Pongala festival, in which over a million women participate. Only women are allowed to participate in the Pongala ritual. The festival has figured in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the single largest gathering of women for a religious activity.

Chakkulathukavu Temple, Kerala:


It is another temple in Kerala dedicated to the Bhagavathi, and follows a peculiar annual ritual called ‘Naari Puja’. On the first Friday of Dhanu (December), the male priests wash the feet of female devotees who have fasted for 10 days. This system takes root in the belief that female devotees visiting on this particular day are the incarnation of Chakkulathu Amma (goddess).


The temple of Lord Brahma, Rajasthan:

The temple of Lord Brahma at Pushkar in Rajasthan is one of the most prominent temple of Lord Brahma. The temple dates back to 14th century.The householder’s (married men) are not allowed to enter it’s sanctum.Once a year, on Kartik Poornima, the full moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik (October – November), a religious festival is held in Brahma’s honour.


The Bhagati Maa temple, Kerala:

The Bhagati Maa temple in Kanya Kumari, Kerala. It is said that Maa Parvati went to a lonely site in the mid of ocean for Tapasya. She tried very hard Tapasya for getting Lord Shiva as her husband. So in this temple only women is allowed, men are prohibited there. This is a famous temple of Kanya Kumari, where Kanya Maa Bhagawati Durga is worshiped by women only.


Linga Bhairavi Temple – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu:

This temple is in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The Linga Bhairavi Temple doesn’t allow men to participate in some special rituals. Men are also not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Linga Bhairavi temple. The Goddess in the temple, Linga Bhairavi is an eight feet tall Devi consecrated by Sadhguru, and is in the form of a linga.

There are other temples in India too where only women are allowed during the time of special period- like Mata temple in Muzaffarpur Bihar,  Even the Pujari of the temple is not allowed to enter the premises.

If you know any other temple in India where only women are allowed during any ritual or specific time frame then don’t forget to  share with us by commenting  below.

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