8 Unexplored places in and around Pune

Struggling to find a place in or around Pune for your next weekend-gateway. No worries. We have tried to curate a list which are less touristy and not that famous but worth your visit. Read our list below and don’t waste a time in planing your next tour with your gang.

Wai-Bollywood Shootings

A Wai village is famous as a favorite location of Bollywood. Wai witnessed about 300 Bollywood and Marathi films. Famous Bollywood films like Swadesh of SRK, Omkara, Gangajal, Ishqiya, Kaminay and many more were shot here. You can give a visit to Wai to discover why film directors like to come time and again.

Distance from Pune: 88 Kms(approx.)


Khed Shivapur

Khed shivapur is a village place. It has a great history to tell you. Before 800 years the present shrine was a gymnasium place. There is a rock in Khed Shivapur’s Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah which is said to have spelled by saint. This rock was used for body building exercises. Once wrestlers made fun of saint, he spelled that rock. Now that 70kg rock can be lifted by touching 11 finger tips.  While lifting this rock all have to call out his name. Whether it’s a fiction or truth, find out yourself. Explore this historical place and imagine the ancient time going live.

Distance from Pune: 24 Kms(approx.)

Khed Shivpur

Yerwada Bird Watching Point

Also knows as Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary , This is a stop for those who have affection for Birds. The Bird Man of India` Dr.Salim Ali used to spend hours in studying about bird species. You can explore this bird sanctuary without creating any kind of loud noise. Feel the nature closely with the chirping of thousands of birds.

Within Pune City.

Yerwada Bird Watching Point


Satara is in western part of Maharashtra State. You can trek to fort Vasota in Satara. It was a resting place for former army during the era of Marathas. It is also the hot favorite destination among photographers. The dense forest in Satara is now started turning into a Tiger Reserve. You can take a nature walk to feel the freshness and feel the breeze. Many treks are arranged for Vasota fort. Join them to get its fullest.

Distance from Pune: 113 Kms(approx.)

Vasota, Satara

Kaas pathar valley of flowers

Kass pathar is called as ‘the flower valley of flowers in Maharashtra’.  Give Kaas a visit and you will fall in love with it. It is worth to visit the flower valley again and again. It is about 25Km from Satara. You can stay at Satara which is warm in daytime and slightly cool at night. Monsoon is the best time to see this valley of flowers. You can also find a beautiful waterfall, Thoseghar near kaas. You should visit the valley in early morning. Explore variety of flowers and soothe yourself with thousands of colors.

Distance from Pune: 136 Kms(approx.)


Divegarh Beach

Divegarh beach is a best weekend gateway. It is a small town which comes under Raigad district. Divegarh beach is extremely clean and peaceful beach. It has a lord Ganesha temple. Explore the divegarh beach to see lots of coconut trees and dense Belu trees. You can also fine dolphins and crabs at Divegarh. The beach is spread in 4Km wide area. you can reach Divegarh by taking Mumbai – Goa highway via Karnala.

Distance from Pune: 159 Kms(approx.)



Harihareshwar is a town blessed with a clean beach in Raigad district.  It is also referred as Southern Kashi as it has a Lord Shiva temple. It is a best place for getting the warmth of spirituality. Harihareshwar is perfect for having a beach holiday.

Distance from Pune: 170  Kms(approx.)


Peshwa Udyan(Park )Zoo

Peshwa Park is a real fun to give a visit. It is located near popular Saras baug.  Whatever the age group may be, all can love this place. It has variety of animals and birds to be seen closely. You can also see an awesome lake here. You can play at garden and get the blessings at temple. It is one in all which makes it must visit place.

Within Pune City.

Peshwa Park Zoo


So,  If you have already visited all the major attractions which Pune has to offer, you can start planning for your next tour from any of the places mentioned above. Have a great time discovering !

And yes,  If ‘Solo’ is not your thing than we strongly recommend to hire a local tourist guide in Pune

– Touritor team

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