What you miss when you book guided tour in India!

Our India guided tours are escorted by some of the finest tourist guides in India and this is something you would not like to give a miss when you visit India. India Guided tours not only help tourist to understand the heritage, culture, lifestyle of the city in detail but also provide the sense of security while travelling in the foreign land. Finding the perfect guided tours in India is not a walk in the park. It’s as difficult as finding a sewing needle in a haystack. Many a times, foreign travelers complain about the quality of tours even though they have booked certified tour guides. This is primarily, due to lack of awareness among tourists about the right type of tourist guide license available in India. One important thing which every tourist visiting India must know is that there are various other types of guiding license exists in India which does not expect individual to have mandatory language skills or formal touring experience. Many travel agents provide such types of tour guides to their client because their fees is very low. It is also a fact that any traveler who intends to truly discover India will not mind paying few extra buck for hiring high-quality tour guides. For tourists, the best practice is to look for tourist guides who are licensed by Ministry of tourism (MoT), India because the holder of this type of license undergoes mandatory course of tourism from Indian Institute of Tourism and travel management. When you book your guided tours in India with touritor, you will be assured of getting the tour guides who are well experienced and are certified by MoT, India, sometimes also referred as regional level tourist guides or red card holder. Tip: Before the start of you tour in India, always check the license of your tour guide and its signing authority.

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