Best Yoga & Meditation Spots in India

Our Top 5 Picks: Best Yoga & Meditation Spots in India

Yoga is “chitta vritti nirodha” as defined by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It means to stable the mind in order to experience ultimate reality. When thoughts are calm and mind is in its natural state of tranquility, one can move toward self-realization. Yoga has evolved over the years and nowadays it is also associated with physical fitness helping you relieve stress, weight loss and increase energy. Meditation is an element of Yoga which focuses on the mental wellness & attentiveness. Practicing meditation helps you increased alertness, awareness, mood, immunity and energy.

Whether you are a yoga practitioner or interested in learning yoga or meditation techniques, you should visit these places to discover more about this ancient practice.

1. The Art of Living International Centre, Bengaluru
It is situated on the top of the Panchagiri Hills, 24km southwest of Bangalore, near Udipalya village. The campus is spread over 65 acres, with an abundance of flowering foliage spread along winding footpaths, a peaceful lake and the exquisitely beautiful Vishalakshi Mantap, the central meditation hall. The setting is meant to promote the main theme of stress management. The ashram is an exquisite blend of the old and the new. While enjoying meditative walks, satsangs which are held every evening where minds unite through music, meditation and wisdom to experience a higher state of consciousness and also exploring the ashram, one can choose to undergo from the various residential programs offered at the Ashram every week.

2. Ananda, Himalayas

Ananda, Himalayas.
Ananda itself means extreme happiness. Location of this place is considered as the perfect one for spiritual satisfaction and happiness. It is surrounded by India’s most important and unique geographical features; the Himalayas, the Ganges and the ancient cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh. It is India’s most luxurious, authentic Ayurvedic wellness destination and is set up in a Palace of the Maharaja at Narendra Nagar, Tehri-Garwhal. The location of the ashram and the feeling of being with nature has been attracting scores of people from all over the world.

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3. Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune

Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune
This sprawling 28 acre resort in pune, has all worldly amenities but it is actually the quite gardens, marble pathways and a tropical greenery that automatically makes this place an ideal yoga retreat. There are 10 meditation sessions every day, starting at 6am. There’s an Olympic-size pool, spa, gym, cyber café, tennis courts and three dining areas with everything from Asian mains to coffees and pastries. Osho is the chief patron here. The academy is open to anyone, through an online application. People with serious mental health issues or highly restrictive diets are not encouraged for stay.

4. Auroville, Pondicherry

Auroville, Pondicherry
Auroville is located in south India, mostly in the State of Tamil Nadu (some parts are in the State of Puducherry), a few kilometres inland from the Coromandel Coast, approx 150 kms south of Chennai (previously Madras) and 10 kms north of the town of Puducherry. This is not so much a place for meditation, but for silent concentration to become aware of your own consciousness. Entry is free, but people who wish to live at Auroville also need to make monthly payments and support themselves financially.

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5.  Sampoorna Yoga Centre, Goa

Sampoorna Yoga Centre, Goa
Sampoorna Yoga centre is located in Goa, India that has a team of experienced yoga practitioners, teachers and is a center for yoga teachers training. This yoga center offer yoga courses, trainings, retreats and classes to accommodate a range of interests and schedules. Also, has a branch in Greece, Spain and has alliance in USA/Canada and UK. Sampoorna Yoga Beach Village is located at Agonda beach, Goa.

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