If you are interested to join Touritor and publish your profile and tours, please provide your details on JOIN US.

 Alternatively, you could e-mail your resumes to career@touritor.com and we will send across the detail process to join us.

Unfortunately, we do not feature non Licensed Tour guides but if you are a  travel enthusiast and have something useful to share with traveller you are most welcome to be part of our blogger community .Please express your interest on career@touritor.com

Yes. We only accept current valid accreditation.

At this moment our primary focus is on India but sooner or later  will be there globally so you could still drop your resume to us on career@touritor.com

Our selection procedure includes profile screening or telephonic or f2f interview as applicable.

No, You don’t have to pay or spend anything to get registered or featured on our website.

Tour Guide will be paid directly by the Traveler after the Tour is complete. On every confirmed booking received by Tour guide from Touritor, a small percentage of commissions will be paid to Touritor. Touritor plan is to  offers attractive monetary benefits to Tour guide. To know more, Please contact us .

Touritor will feature tour guide ‘s profile on its website and promote it through various marketing channels. Touritor does not charge anything from Tour guide to get registered or showcase their profile and tours on its website so zero registration & zero maintenance fees.

As Touritor promotes only certified tourist guide, you will not have to compete with locals and travel agents, having a fair competition.

Touritor is an Indian company, so it will give better approachability to tour guides to contact Touritor with ease, in case of any concerns or issues.

Touritor does not have any other line of business in Tourism domain , hence our focus will always be on Tour Guides.

Tour Guide themselves could decide on their Tour rates which is fair and justifiable.

Yes, you could include transport and other services but your service as Tour guide should be your priority and Touritor will not expect any compromise with this.

Touritor do not have any immediate plan to provide any kind of insurance to Tour guide.

Touritor will share the necessary detail about maintaining your profile once your application is accepted.

Once Touritor receives booking for you, you will receive an e-mail or/and  message on your phone number with all the necessary details.

Once booking details are shared with you, it will also have the ‘Meeting Place address’ provided by the customer at the time of booking.

In such cases you need to immediately inform your traveler first and then Touritor via telephone and e-mail. You also need to discuss back-up solution with traveler , best suited to them and with their consent.

You could find the details on ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.

After booking if customer has any further queries or suggestions, he might  contact you on your email id or phone number shared with them in the booking confirmation email.

Prior to booking, all the communication with customer will be  via Touritor. This will also help Touritor to provide better service to travelers and be responsible for it.

The deposit is approximately 20% of the total cost of your Tour rate which is rounded up to the nearest amount.

If you happen to become unavailable for the booking date, please notify your customer directly as well as to Touritor via e-mail /phone as priority.

Until there is a functionality provided by Touritor to update the calendar, you are required to inform Touritor about your availability for coming months on regular basis via email/phone. Remember that it is your responsibility to keep Touritor informed about your booked slots and availability to avoid any conflicts in booking.