Why we call them an expert in travel industry?

It is the beauty of technology and innovation that quite often we say our world is flat. ‘Distance’ between two individuals living far off places have reduced, thanks to internet and power of Social media. But interestingly, people are travelling much more than ever before and why not it is easy and definitely convenient to plan your vacations nowadays than in the past.

Ok, Question for you? So if you are planning to travel some distant place and explore the different world what would be your single most worry? Umm..Did you say expenses? I hope not, as you must be smart enough to take care of that already.  Any further thoughts? Ok so what I think answer would be is to figure out some way to experience the essence of that very country, its history, culture and people without getting into the uneasy feeling of being unfamiliar or being non –native.

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This could be handled pretty well, if you have any companion or local person who can help you travel your destination. There are few website who could help you meet locals just for travel purpose but then if you want to make a friend, you have social media just for that. Moreover it will be difficult to verify the knowledge of that person and unless you meet face to face you could not tell if the person actually know anything about the city or not.

No, we are not stuck yet and we could still find the local person and the qualified one both at the same time. Travel and Tourism people called them as ‘tourist guide’.




Oh, you know this but i am sure  you might want to know more about tour guides and how they could make your travel a memorable one. Here you go..


1.Expert :

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Where you will go to if you have pain in your knees? Of-course depending upon the condition you would like to see the doctor but would it be just a general physician or orthopedic one?

I am sure you will head to the person specialized in diagnosing the knee problems so you will choose Orthopedic doctor. And same applies to everywhere else right from finding the tutor for your child to financial advisor, you will go for the expert in the field.

While in Travel & Tourism, it is the ‘Tour Guide’ who are experts in carrying out great, insightful tours in their city.

2. Time Saver :

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Tour Guide knows exactly how much time you will take to complete any attraction in the city and how much crowd you could expect on specific days. They also know what could be the best way to travel between two attractions and how much time you will need so that you could plan your activities well. Most of the guides are also aware about the trains and their timings departing from their city, which could come handy when you are in hurry. So having tour guide along your side can save lot of time.

3. Safe to Travel with :

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Tour guides are professional who are certified to carry out the tours as per government regulatory authority which means there is nothing to worry about their credibility as person. When any person applies for tour guide license, they are required to fulfill certain minimum conditions, qualifications etc.  Tour guides are also supposed to follow the best practices & code of conduct specially designed by the governing body when they carry out with their tours else their license could be revoked.  Tour guide will indeed be the safe person to be travel with on your tour, Is n’t it?

4. Knowledgeable :

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Almost every country who provides tour guide license also set some mandatory training courses or curriculum for the interested candidates, which includes the study of city/regions/monuments/attractions in detail where they want to conduct the tours. Behavioral skills, Communication and Language proficiency are some of the things they will acquire during their training period. These learning help tour guide to conduct their tours effectively. Yes, ask as money questions as you can on various subjects ranging from local cuisines, festivals, dances to mythological, philosophical and you will get the answers.

5.  Your friend and support system :

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Any professional tour guides who owns the valid license will surely know how to interact with their customers. They will always be friendly and ready to support and guide you whenever you are in need which is very much required when you are outside your native city. They know you need private time too so they will let you explore some places at your own pace and time without any intervention. They will also give some good tips and suggestion about the places which will come handy after your tour is complete and you are on your own.

Hope you like this article . Please do not forgot to drop your views  below.

-By Touritor team



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    Posted by Suchita| 23/06/2016 |Reply

    Great insight..thanks for sharing..

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      Liked it…waiting for more articles

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